VPN Solutions Education and Training

Training and adoption are major obstacles for healthcare organizations implementing a new information technology (IT) system for clinical, financial, or operational management.  VPN Solutions offers an end-user friendly training program that helps clinicians, managers, and administrative staff quickly become skilled and feel comfortable with the Allscripts software, minimizing disruption and helping the organization gain the full potential from its investment in healthcare IT solutions.

Hospitals and physician practices benefit from flexible options for training programs, including in-person, on-site support and training sessions for user self-help. VPN Solutions training specialists develop customized programs tailored to the need of a client and its employees, helping users learn for rapid success and ensure adoption of your systems.

VPN Solutions offers training solutions to meet your organizational needs as you move through the adoption of your Allscripts application:

  • Implementing a new system
  • Existing user training
  • Upgrading to a new version
  • Implementing a new module
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