Storage and Backups

Peak 10-Richmond provides easy to access, high-availability storage network solutions. These enterprise class storage solutions can quickly and cost-effectively allow your business to access its rapidly growing volumes of business-critical information without complications. Peak 10-Richmond managed storage solutions deliver best in breed reliability, availability and security while empowering our clients with increased control and optimal utilization of complex storage requirements.

Storage and Backup Services

  • NetApp Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Agent Based Managed Backup and Storage
  • Offsite Tape Backup and Rotation
  • Complex Storage Services
  • "Disk-to-disk" Backup Solutions
  • Veritas Backup Exec for Windows

Nearline Storage Services

Peak 10-Richmond's Nearline Storage utilizes NetApp's Network Attached Storage (NAS) as the foundation for fully managed data backup and archival solutions. NAS allows the client to maintain a "hot" copy of data while minimizing backup and restore times. NAS is client-oriented, so that I/O commands are made via a standard IP connection. Transfer is performed using the direct mounting of an iSCSI share from the NAS. NAS can utilize existing Network Interface Cards (NICs), while Peak 10-Richmond engineers will assist with the provisioning of the iSCSI share to the client environment.

The primary benefits of the iSCSI share is that clients can implement a "disk-to-disk" backup strategy that is faster, more scalable and always available for client-initiated restores, in contrast to a conventional tape library attached to a server in their environment. The partition can be grown on request to accommodate increasing data footprints. Integration with almost any backup software platform is as simple as configuring it to write the backups to a folder or directory, instead of a tape device. The storage space may only be used for backup purposes.

Tape Backup and Media Management Services

For clients using the Nearline service offering, Peak 10-Richmond will perform a weekly transfer of the data backed up to the NetApp to LTO-3 tape. Tapes are rotated offsite to Iron Mountain Data Protection Services for archival and retention. Custom daily backup to tape and offsite services are also available.

For clients with an existing investment in tape libraries or that require a unique backup process using their own equipment, Peak 10-Richmond can provide complete rotation cycle management of their backup media to Iron Mountain Data Protection Services. We offer weekly or business daily picks of media from the clients tape library followed by a documented process of inventorying and barcode scanning of tapes to be sent or received offsite. Media is then picked up by Iron Mountain and stored at their offsite bunker.