Allscripts Document Management

Allscripts Document Management is the cost effective way to automate workflow and eliminate the need for paper charts. Simultaneous access to patient information, electronic importing, and remote access are just a few features of Allscripts Document Management that can move your organization towards paperless efficiency.


Forms.MD is an electronic forms module that can be used for telephone messages, physician orders, etc. Forms.MD is a powerful tool for the elimination of paper and will pre-populate patient data upon launching the application saving time and improving workflow.


Rx+ ePrescribing solution is the industry's most trusted and widely used ePrescribing software in the United States. According to RxHub, Allscripts represents close to 50% of all electronic prescription transactions. Rx+ reduces pharmacy call-backs and increases patient safety by initializing a five-step Drug Utilization Review.


Search.MD is a data location technology module that enables users to perform optical character recognition (OCR) processing on documents as they are being scanned, and also on previously scanned, archived documents. This technology makes finding important data timely, and is great for EOB processing.