Document Management

Allscripts Document Management (formerly Impact.MD) is a proven medical document management solution used by more than 18,000 healthcare professionals throughout the U.S. This award-winning program instantly improves chart access and practice workflow by electronically scanning and filing your current documents and making them accessible to your entire staff regardless of their location.

The burden of medical records in a physician practice is extreme. Overcrowded offices lead to inaccessible charts; whether misplaced, lost, or in use by another staff member. Physician practices continue to seek a solution to reduce or eliminate the increasing volumes of paper within their organizations. The optimal product would eliminate the issues of overcrowded office space and storage facilities as well as the problems associated with paper medical records like lost or misplaced patient charts. Physicians demand a flexible, easy-to-use solution, yet one capable of standardization for consistency and compliance. In short, physician practices need a solution that increases staff efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs.

Allscripts Document Management, is a cost-effective way to meet those needs, by automation of patient charts, elimination of  paper and storage woes, and generation of a rapid return-on-investment (ROI). Allscripts Document Management offers physician practices a "Bridge" for their technology adoption, starting with Document Management.”

Uniquely, Allscripts provides a modular implementation approach, working in logical steps, in a seamless evolution to a complete electronic health record when your practice is ready.  Practices and their physicians go live with each module, only when they are comfortable with the technology. This successful implementation strategy enables practices to realize early ROI and easily transition into a full EHR system at the pace that best fits their needs.