Our team of information technology personnel is fully versed in Microsoft technologies and today's networking environments. With this expertise we are able to help you determine the best implementation options for your organization, and assist you in maintaining optimal productivity.

The implementation of every Allscripts Professional PM system begins with a detailed pre-installation review of your practice for the development of a comprehensive installation plan. To make your ongoing support more efficient and manageable, you have the option of purchasing everything you'll need from VPN Solutions: hardware, software and networking equipment.

VPN Solutions also offers a proactive service-based approach to technical support. Unlike other vendors, we offer proactive server and system monitoring as well as disaster recovery services, providing you an extra level of data protection. Our proactive support ensures fast and efficient processing and allows you to optimize the performance of your business. Our support team is alerted to potential problems before they may affect your practice, freeing you to focus on what you do best – take care of patients.

VPN Solutions offers extensive resources to support you in every way – from pre-implementation planning to hands–on technical support. Whether you need assistance with your hardware, software, network or practice management application, we take care of your needs promptly and professionally. With ongoing customer education, user training and a Client Website for support and communication, we take care of you every step of the way.

Revenue Cycle Management

These are just a few reasons why providers are choosing Payerpath's electronic medical claim system to help manage their revenue cycles. From insurance eligibility and compliance verification to electronic medical claims transmission and remittance management, Payerpath's products can help you save valuable time and money. The Payerpath Claims Management system allows practices of all sizes—from single physician offices to large group practices—to take advantage of the following.

  • State-of-the-art, browser-based Claims & Response Management System for both UB92s and HCFA 1500s
  • Interfaces easily with any practice management system - no hardware or software to install locally
  • Real-time validation of all electronic medical claims against payer-specific acceptance requirements at a rate of 10-15 claims per second
  • Integrated Medicare Fraud & Abuse edits including OCE, NCCI and MN based on F.I.-specific LMRP Bulletin
  • Proprietary HIPAA EDI translator that can automatically convert data to necessary file sets (ANSI 835, 837, etc.)
  • Medicare Secondary Claims management service matches claim to auto-generated EOMB, then prints and mails the claim to appropriate recipient
  • Monthly subscription pricing allows providers to accurately budget their claims management expense